We have been hard at work implementing your valued feedback and are excited to share the following new features with you!

Log preferences menu

Want complete flexibility on how descriptions are shown on your logs? With Log Preferences, you got it!
Build your ideal phrasing of soil and rock descriptions by choosing:
• which parameters are compulsory.
• parameter order.
• capitalisation & punctuation.

Log charts

Choose to display anything from pH to CPT results as a chart column in TabLogs.

Add a chart to your template by:

1. Adding a new “Chart” type column.
2. Select the data you want plotted.
3. Pick your chart style, colour and set your x-axis bounds.
4. Then you’re all set!

Save your favorite notes

Tired of typing the same notes over and over? We hear you.
Now you can save your favorite notes for future use on other profiles and boreholes.

CPT logging

Upload your CPT results spreadsheet to TabLogs and present as a bar graph or X-Y scatter plot.

Other improvements

• Choose your preferred header and footer styles for your logs.
• “SPT sampled” tick box when logging SPT’s.
• Choose your preferred moisture logging terminology.
• Remarks logging.
• DCP results as a bar graph plot.
• Static sample and testing columns toggle.
• Gravel/Sand/Fines % sliders.

Want to learn more?

Have questions about these new features? Book time with one of our friendly team members.

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