The TabLogs Power User Badge is provided to our clients whose company is making the most out of their subscription with us.

We provide this badge to our users so that they can show they are adept at using TabLogs to enhance their site investigations.

Becoming a TabLogs Power User
To achieve the level of a TabLogs Power User, your company must have exported more than 20 borehole logs. We also look at the your overall utilization of TabLogs to determine if your business has been making the most out of your subscription with us.

Once your company reaches the Power User status, we’ll email your company representative with a PNG and HTML version of our Power User Badge, which you can proudly display on your website or any marketing/bidding materials.

Why use the Power User Badge?
By adding the TabLogs Power User Badge to your website’s homepage and bidding materials, you communicate that your business is equipped with the latest tools that help to streamline the geotechnical investigation process.

TabLogs is globally recognized with helping to reduce data entry errors. When current/potential clients see that your company is a TabLogs Power User, you communicate that your business provides geotechnical reports with the most accurate information possible.

In addition, the time savings that TabLogs provides to Geotechnical Engineers and Drillers means that prospective clients will know that your business is using the best tools to help pass along savings to them.

If you have any questions about the Power User Badge, contact